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Information on Volunteering- what can i do?

KIHEFO welcomes volunteers from across the globe to share a skill, spare their time, and gain valuable experience. KIHEFO also encourages donors to visit their projects and see the progress being made. While volunteer duration ranges from 2 weeks to 12 months, we prefer longer stays of at least 3 months.
All of our programs are focused on finding sustainable solutions for local communities. While we fully understand the volunteers’ desire to “make their mark” during a visit, it is important to remember that once they have returned home, the communities and the projects need to sustain. Therefore, KIHEFO has devised projects for volunteers suitable for the duration of their stay. Such projects include:

  • Weighing and measuring children at the Nutrition and Rehabilitation Center
  • Digging latrines and helping in construction of houses for local needy families
  • Distributing medicine to nearby communities
  • Teaching in primary or secondary schools

To learn more about volunteering click these links:

Volunteer Opportunities- Real project work

Please find below a number of volunteer projects in which you can participate. We recommend that you contact KIHEFO with your volunteer request due to the fact that some activities may not be available during your visit while others require special skill sets for which some volunteers will not be qualified.
1. Child Nutrition & Rehabilitation Centre
For more information about the center, click here .
Make a difference by:

  • Help in repairing, painting, cleaning, and decorating the centre.
  • Help in measuring & weighing children at the centre and during KIHEFO community outreaches.
  • Help feed, bath, and dress the children.
  • Teach mothers on how to prepare nutritious good for school going children.
  • Teach children and mothers how to design hand crafts, jewelry, pottery or
  • knitting for income generation. The funds raised through the sale of these crafts will be used for fighting malnutrition.
  • Help re-design working documentation
  • Assist with computerized record keeping and/or cataloguing
  • Film or photograph the activities of the nutrition centre for use in communications and public relations.

2. Agri inputs fund, Enterprise Development, Savings Projects
For more information about savings projects, click here.
• Help KIHEFO women's group improve and standardize crafts & curios
• Assist with KIHEFO groups with branding and marketing crafts & curios
• Assist with KIHEFO groups with record keeping
• Write grant proposals
3. Community Outreach Projects
For more information about community outreaches, click here .
• Build a basic pit latrine
• Educate people in remote villages about health and nutrition i.e. AIDS
• Dispense drugs during outreaches
• Help in data collection for KIHEFO baseline survey research
• Help in the construction of a basic local house, which includes; fetching water, support work, and mixing materials

4. General Clinic
For more information about the general clinic, click here.
Medical students can assist in collecting blood samples, changing patient beddings, checking & monitoring blood pressure, and taking part in patient rounds. Volunteers may also get the chance to scrub in on surgeries, test for HIV, and give injections. The cases most commonly seen at the clinic are related to communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.
Dentists, nurses, and physicians are welcome to perform check-ups, test eyesight, and, in some cases, perform minor outpatient surgeries.

PLEASE NOTE that we lack modern medical equipment and existing equipment may not be up to western standards. We recommend that volunteers should plan to bring their own instruments and medical supplies to handle specialized cases.

5. General Administration
• Catalogue KIHEFO documents
• Report writing & documentation
• Write grant proposals
• Improve financial management systems
• Design savings and microfinance group reporting systems
• Educate groups on reporting systems
Film a documentary about the work of KIHEFO
6. Helping Orphans & other Needy Children
For more information on KIHEFO’s support of orphans and vulnerable children, click here (link).
• Teach and encourage development through play at monthly meetings. Read, sing, and play with the children.
• Teach basic subjects like English, mathematics, reading, and writing in schools.
• Feed or distribute supplementary nutrition at monthly meetings
• Help construct a basic home or a toilet for a family in need
*December orphans festival- Every year KIHEFO hosts all the orphans it supports to an end of the year celebration. Volunteers can read, sing, and play with the children.

7. More Education Related Volunteer Work
Teach basic subjects like mathematics, English, and social sciences in local schools.
•Help introduce new and better learning aids for teaching English
• Repair existing school buildings by painting, making classroom furniture, setting up a playground, improved toilet facilities, water tanks etc.
• Visit existing schools and write evaluations and proposals that detail what improvements could be made to help students learn
• Help teach students computer skills and maintenance or assist in setting up a small ICT centre for their use.
• Get involved with children in co-curricular activities like sport, physical fitness exercises or teach new games form your country. These are usually done after a day’s lessons
• Restoring hope to children and families that are living with HIV and AIDS.
*Special skills needed. Previous teaching experience is required for some of these activities.
Volunteering in Schools

Volunteers are posted to schools recognized by government and with an established staff.
if your intereste is to volunteer in a school, please note that the SCHOOL CALENDAR for 2012 is as follows;

TERM I – From MON 30th JAN to FRI 20th APRIL 2012 (running for 82 days)
TERM II – From MON 14th MAY to FRI 3rd AUGUST 2012 (running for 82 days)
TERM III – From MON 3rd SEPT to FRI 30th NOVEMBER 2012 (running for 89 days)

The rest are school holidays



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